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How we help

Our knowledgeable and experienced team offer expert help and advice in a wide range of areas.

Serious crime

Murder, conspiracy to murder, large scale conspiracy to supply drugs, serious violence, aggravated burglary. We routinely provide representation from the police station through to the Crown Court in these types of offences.

Serious sexual offences

Rape, sexual assault, child sex offences. Around half the trials in the Crown Court now concern sexual allegations either recent or historic. We have extensive experience in this field and are alive to the particular sensitives of this type of work.

General crime

Burglary, drugs, assaults, public order and fraud. We have great experience representing those facing all types of these allegations whether in the Magistrates or Crown Court.

Youth crime

Increasingly we are encountering young clients being charged with sexual offences leading to trials in both the Youth and Crown Court. We are on hand to advise the whole family how to deal with these types of allegations.

Mental health

We frequently represent clients with mental health difficulties and routinely liaise with medical professionals to achieve the best outcomes.

Environmental offences

A developing area where we have experience of representing those facing charges in a rather esoteric sphere.

Motoring offences

Losing a driving licence can have a devastating effect for anyone. We have great expertise in contesting the multitude of allegations in the highly technical world of road traffic law.

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